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Welcome to Super Spoon.

Earth is now destroyed and nothing but a wasteland. All humans now live on a planet called Foodila with the Foodilians. But the darkness that consumed Earth is about to revive again and only the chosen one can do it. This manga has a lot of similarities to DBZ and other mangas i love, but I do my best to keep it original. So yeah.


woah, it has been a really long, long, long , LONG TIME since I updated ANYTHING SPOON related to this site. So here I am saying I hope to post up pages again starting in January of 2012 and do a 3 page a week serialization.

Seeing my old drawings here makes me chuckle and gag at the same time, I have come a long way in 4 years, right? LOL.

I am debating about using this site, so we shall see since this is where is all began...we shall see.


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It's time to say goodbye...


I will be posting all further updates on

Serialization will start March 16. So SPREAD THE WORDD!

also i will be working on another comic, but it is more geared toward the love am trying to draw something is called "THE UNFATED FATE"..haha...and this manga will be released BIWEEKLY.

But I am not too if I will start serialization of this at the same time I restart Super Spoon. We shall see!

Please go to those websites for updates from now on!


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It's been ages since I last wrote on this site. I am thinking of starting Super Spoon up again on another site. Version 2.0. I have just finished drawing the first volume, so if everything goes well, I hope to start up again in March.


This does not mean the story will be completed this time in its entirety. I have it all planned out and is very fleshed out and etc, but I am starting to think this version is IT. So if in the future, i wanna make this version the seller, then I don't want to put eveyrthing I have up on this site. I hope this new version will be more of a preview. But yeah, spread the word?

I will keep on posting updates to you "loyal fans" out there.


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The end


I have made a decision. I am going to end this manga as of now for several reasons

1)lack of popularity
2)lack of inspiration
3)too long of a story
4)I plan to reuse some ideas from 116-where I currently drew for the new edition.

So if i were to release any further, then follow up with the new version, many of you would be bored and etc, but now you must be saying "well then the chaos arc will be predictable". Well now, i have decided to change a lot of things around, even though some major arc parts like posedion tourney will remain intact, it will be different and I plan to be more original, style and story wise. But for more info, please read the last page I posted and I thank everyone who has read up to this point and I will release some one shots and hope to release the new version by next year or less. So adios.

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Chapter 115 along with questions


This chapter marks and conclusion of the sniper vs charles fight and be sure to go to the end of the chapter as I started trying a new style for Charles. So please check that out and tell me what ya think. I am tryign to refrain from being dragonballish too much, I think the style for poseidon is ok..right? I don't know. Now onto the question

Lately, I have been becoming uninspired to draw this current edition simply because people don't respond and because I feel it lacks originality and character. I have been coming up with ideas for a new edition with character, and hopefully, more originality, Currently, I have drawn up to chapter 152. If noone cares, I will just drop this project and etc. As for returning with a new edition? Not likely because i wish to take a break from the drawing scene and try to learn to draw more or whatever. So if people are ok with it, I am thinking about dropping the project meaning I will probably scan up to whatever chapter I am at and it will end there for the diehard fans who want more. But hopefully i will get some responses to this post, if not, then I will do what I wish.

Enjoy the chapter:
Chapter 115:

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Chapter 114


How was everyones week? Mine was ok. Had some weird dreams and etc. I watched an awesome movie last night, "The Prestige". Freaking amazing. Anyways, I've been catching up on the anime of one piece lately and I finally got to the fights with cp9 and man, they're pretty good even though its dragged out a bit. I don't get why the animators don't use the cover stories for filler...seriously. Naruto this week blew my mind, holy cow. But yeah..this fight may seem draggy, but I do my best to keep things short and simple, please comment.

Chapter 114:

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Chapter 113 along with SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!


How was everyones week? Mine was ok..GOT HARRY POTTER..W000T!!! Been reading it allllll day. I went to Barnes and Noble last night to chill out after playing 2 hours of guitar hero to read some manga, and wow. It was crazyyyyy. People dressed up in harry potter costumes and everything. But it was pretty cool and this is the last book, man.

But anyways, I hope everyone liked the volume cover and color pages for this chapter showing the winners of the character poll. Well I'm sure everyone knew who the winners were, haha. And to be honest, they're my top 2 as well, hahah.

Well I've decided to end Super Spoon after part one. Don't cry now, heheh. Reasons are this, that by the time part one ends, it will be by the time I get out of college. And I wish to move on with life getting a job or trying to pursue the dream. Plus, I will try to reinvent the story of super spoon again making the style more original as well as the story. Even though I have great plans for part 2 & 3, I think people will find the story repetitive and etc. But I want everyone to know that part one will not end with all the looseends tied up because there will be since I have planned this edition to go on for 3 parts leaving loose ends. I mean, there IS a possiblity I could continue past part one if by the time I finish part one, If I have a VERY strong fanbase (highly unlikely). But if I choose to reinvent the story, for professional reasons, I hope you will all support me again and I promise to make it the conclusive end. Well holy crap, this was a long update, so enjoy the chapter and stick with it for another 3 years!

Chapter 113:

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Volume 12 complete


Quick little update saying how volume cover is up for 12 along with contents and all that awesome stuff. So yeah.


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