July 21st, 2007, 9:13 pm

Chapter 113 along with SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!


How was everyones week? Mine was ok..GOT HARRY POTTER..W000T!!! Been reading it allllll day. I went to Barnes and Noble last night to chill out after playing 2 hours of guitar hero to read some manga, and wow. It was crazyyyyy. People dressed up in harry potter costumes and everything. But it was pretty cool and this is the last book, man.

But anyways, I hope everyone liked the volume cover and color pages for this chapter showing the winners of the character poll. Well I'm sure everyone knew who the winners were, haha. And to be honest, they're my top 2 as well, hahah.

Well I've decided to end Super Spoon after part one. Don't cry now, heheh. Reasons are this, that by the time part one ends, it will be by the time I get out of college. And I wish to move on with life getting a job or trying to pursue the dream. Plus, I will try to reinvent the story of super spoon again making the style more original as well as the story. Even though I have great plans for part 2 & 3, I think people will find the story repetitive and etc. But I want everyone to know that part one will not end with all the looseends tied up because there will be since I have planned this edition to go on for 3 parts leaving loose ends. I mean, there IS a possiblity I could continue past part one if by the time I finish part one, If I have a VERY strong fanbase (highly unlikely). But if I choose to reinvent the story, for professional reasons, I hope you will all support me again and I promise to make it the conclusive end. Well holy crap, this was a long update, so enjoy the chapter and stick with it for another 3 years!

Chapter 113:

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milverave_on_guest (Guest), July 22nd, 2007, 10:30 am

hey, I got harry potter 7 as well and ive already finished it.
The online endings false

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